Kid's Ministries

Pathway Kids Ministries has three goals for every child:

  • to lead them to a personal commitment to Christ by the time they leave 6th grade and move on to our Student Ministries
  • to help them understand that the Bible is God’s Word and is trustworthy and true
  • to help them to know that God has created them with a specific plan and purpose in life

Kids Ministries take place at the same time as our main worship service on Sunday mornings. If you are new to Pathway, one of our greeters will be happy to lead you to the check-in area so your child can get plugged into the appropriate class for their age!  


We want the kids who come into Pathway’s Kid’s Ministries to experience a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. We try to accomplish this atmosphere by having a no tolerance policy for negative, rude or disrespectful attitudes & behavior. We also set into the structure of each room group activity times & free play times. These will allow kids to interact with adult leaders and with the other kids in the room.


Our Kids Ministries do NOT exist as baby-sitting. Instead, we see our main purpose as teaching every kid to follow Jesus. This is accomplished by teaching basic Bible stories for the Preschool & Kindergarteners. This is accomplished for the 1st – 6th grades using several different curriculums that challenge them to trust and believe that God’s Word is absolutely true and to make personal decisions to follow Jesus every day of their lives.

Communion & Water Baptism

Lessons are taught mostly to the 1st – 6th grades about these two subjects. The kids are given the opportunity to take communion every second Sunday of the month during the adult worship service. 1st – 6th grades also join the adult service to observe Water Baptism whenever it is taking place. We do not serve communion to the kids during any class time or offer a kid’s church water baptism as we see these two things as being something kids should do with their parents and as a part of the church body as a whole.

Worship & Prayer

Our 1st - 4th Grade class and Group 56 join the adult service for Worship for every week. We value the opportunity for kids to experience Pathway Church community worship right alongside their parents! Every Kid’s Ministries classroom has times of prayer on Sundays. This gives kids an opportunity to express their own needs to God and to learn to pray for others.